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TWWS Library and Photo Gallery


The Library Pages provide the following items, some of which concern the running of the Society, others to support our activities. The Photo Gallery holds a selection of photos of our meetings.

On this page you will find items that cover various aspects of the running of the Society, as well as practical information about our activities. Follow the links in the lower part of the left hand panel to go to:

  • A page dedicated to support material for various sets of rules and product reviews submitted by our members.
  • Our Photo Gallery pages which have photos of TWWS in action and other wargame related material.

If you LEFT-click on any links on this page, they will open in a new tab in your browser. If you RIGHT-click then you can save the item onto your computer.

Administration Documents

If you wish to nominate a member of the Society for election to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting, you need to download, print out and complete the following form.

If you wish to register for access to the Members' Pages, the following PDF guide has been prepared.

Useful guides and maps

The first set of guides and maps shows you how to get to Speldhurst Village Hall. The "Getting to Speldhurst" guide includes photographs and a description of the route to follow when approaching from various directions. "TWWS Maps" are a set showing the wider area and then more detailed road plans when you get near and in the village.

The next set of documents gives details of how to get to the venue of our Wargames Show, Cavalier. The document gives brief details of rail and bus access and includes maps and written directions for drivers approaching from round about. The final page is a sketch map showing the immediate area round the venue and is also suitable for visitors arriving by rail or on foot.


If you want to make use of our Bring and Buy at Cavalier, then you can download our B&B Conditions here.

Information for Traders who wish to have a stand at Cavalier can be downloaded from this link.

Rank and File

For many years the Society ran its own magazine, called Rank and File. The contributions were made by many members and covered a variety of matters. There were a great many battle reports, written usually in the form of memoirs of the officers who had fought. These are very often amusing with plenty of anecdotes recording the activities, successes and dismal failures of the participants. There are also reports on visits to the early wargames shows, some of which were already quite large, others smaller. Some later magazines contain articles about painting your models and collecting more obscure armies.

The files have been created from the original documents, which have been scanned. Personal contact details of members have been redacted. Please also note that these files will have to be downloaded and extracted from their Zip Files in order to read them.

In some cases the quality may not be ideal, but the please bear in mind that the earliest ones date back to the 1970's. The files are all PDFs; they are collated into Zip files, covering specific periods of time, that you may download and extract. We hope you enjoy reading what is in part a potted history of the Society.

Journals of other Societies

Through the good offices of member Rodney Somerville we have also been provided with three copies of Reports from the Skirmish Line, an Occasional Newsletter for Skirmish Wargamers. Our thanks to them for allowing us to post them here.