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The games at the meetings are generally set up informally between groups of members who regularly play wargames together. Many of the members have overlapping interests, so there is also a exchange of players between the groups. On occasions we have special events at the hall, involving all the members attending. These can be big games or informal visits from other clubs in the area. While the general ethos of the Society is non-competitive, we do on occasion hold tournaments as well. We have groups of members who specialise in specific periods or themes such as the Ancient World, Napoleonic, American Civil War, World War 2, as well as Naval warfare in all periods, where we have a relatively large number of players compared to other societies. World War Two Games using Flames of War rules are extremely popular. As members change and the "setting" for favourite games changes, so does the profile. Warhammer 40K used to be a regular feature at meetings, but as members have moved away its popularity has dropped, though Warhammer is still played quite often. A straw poll was conducted to see what rules have been used by our members at meetings. This was conducted extremely unscientifically, but shows the trends in games we put on regularly. What is quite unusual is that as a club we have a large number of creative talents, which explains the high rating in the list for "Home Grown" rules or adaptations of published rules. There are also several Club members who have published sets of rules in the wider wargames community.
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50 Glorious Years
The meeting on 20th October is cancelled as this clashes with the SELWG show.