Painting Competition - The 2019 League

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The League

The painting competion league runs on a personal basis with the points scored based on the rankings in all the classes totalled up for each individual. At the end of the year, the winners receive prizes (Open Day Vouchers) at the January meeting, based on their ranking in the league. In order to be eligible for a prize you must have placed at least TWO entries in any of the classes in the competition during the year.

Current League

The following table shows the points total for each participant in the League after the July 2019 meeting. It also indicates the current leaders in each of the classes after the person’s score. The prizes will be handed out at the January 2020 meeting.
Voting and Scoring Voting and Scoring
1. Alan Butler 190 (II, III, IV, VI) 2. Rodney Somerville 130 (I) 3. Tim Freeman 61 (V) 4. Martin Goad 41 5. Simon Giles 37 6. Simon Mansfield 34 7. Tony Wyatt 26 8. Edward Giles 20 9. Amy Wyatt 17 10. Owen Carpenter 11
11. Malcolm Dove 9 12. Richard Jury 5 13. Paul Hookway 4 14. John Roy 1
Most recent update 8th July 2019
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