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The club painting competition is run at the first Sunday meeting of each month and is free to members. The painting competition is open to all members of the Society, and is run as a league over the course of a calendar year. You may place one item in the class concerned, and you may enter in as many classes as you like. The full competition rules are displayed at the meetings. If you are unsure of anything please ask the Organiser.


The classes are split into two groups: Entries in this class must be a typical wargames unit composed of more than one stand or base. They can be infantry, cavalry, ships, hot air balloons, aircraft, war wagons, tanks, chariots, artillery etc. (An entry of an artillery piece or similar, plus its crew, if all on separate bases, is permitted here.) Entries in this class must be composed of a single stand or base. There are no separate classes for “men” and “machines”. The stand may contain more than one figure, such as a command group or an artillery piece with its crew, all mounted on one base. and there are three “eras” for each group: Colourful - for historical periods prior to the outbreak of the First World War. Drab - for historical periods from the outbreak of the First World War up to contemporary times. Alternative History, Fantasy and Sci Fi - from Fantasy, Science Fiction or an Alternative History. Alternative history allows the entry of ships or aircraft that were planned but never actually built or never saw active service.


All entries must have been assembled and painted from “new”, i.e. bare metal or plastic. Items must have been painted by the person intending to enter them, and not be touched up entries painted by someone else. The maximum size of the entry must not exceed the area of a sheet of A5 paper (for reasons of space available).
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The meeting on 20th October is cancelled as this clashes with the SELWG show.