Painting Competition - Monthly Results 12/2018

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society
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Group A: Entries on multiple bases ("Wargames Units") Class 1 - The Colourful Era 1 Rod Somerville 3rd Kentucky, US Mexican War 2 Andrew Finch Germanic Javelinmen 3 Mark Gibbons Portuguese Cacadores U Malcolm Dove Injuns Class 2 - The Drab Era 1 Rod Somerville Guide Infantry North West Frontier 2 Andrew Finch Carrier Company 1944 3 Mark Gibbons A10 platoon Class 3 - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Alternate History 1 Simon Giles Skin Walkers 2 Mark Gibbons Uruk Hai Edward Giles Space Marine Scouts 3 Richard Jury Wood Elf Warband U Owen Carpenter Chaos Cultists
Group B: Entries on a single base Class 4 - The Colourful Era 1 Rod Somerville Subedar of Guides 2 Mark Gibbons RHA Howitzer 3 Andrew Finch German Chieftain Class 5 - The Drab Era 1 Tim Freeman Hetzer ARV 2 Rod Somerville E Boat Mark Gibbons .30 cal MG team 3 Andrew Finch Bren carrier Artillery OP U Colin Stone WW2 Soviet heavy mortar Class 6 - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Alternate History 1 Will Stone Voltumos on a fish 2 Owen Carpenter Ork Mechanic 3 Simon Giles Circle Orboros Warpwolf U Edward Giles Space Marine Dreadnought Mark Gibbons Aragorn Richard Jury Wood Elf Captain


(”U” denotes unplaced, “B” denotes a Bye.)
Most recent update 3rd September 2019
50 Glorious Years
The meeting on 20th October is cancelled as this clashes with the SELWG show.