Painting Competition - Monthly Results 11/2017

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society
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Group A: Entries on multiple bases ("Wargames Units") Class 1 - The Colourful Era 1 David Redway Mercenary Hoplites 2 Rod Somerville The Posse 3 Martyn Redway Sudanese Mercenary Infantry U Andrew Finch Japanese Battleships 1905 Class 2 - The Drab Era 1 Martyn Redway British Infantry WW2 2 Andrew Finch Valentine Mk VIII platoon 3 David Redway German Infantry Class 3 - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Alternate History 1 David Redway Vampire Hunters 2 Colin Stone Rat Ogres 3 Andrew Finch Necron Warriors
Group B: Entries on a single base Class 4 - The Colourful Era 1 Martyn Redway Dutch Cavalry Command 2 David Redway Mercenary Captain 3 Andrew Finch Peresviet, Port Arthur 1905 U Rod Somerville Quantrill’s Raiders Steve Earl Confederate Command Class 5 - The Drab Era 1 Rod Somerville Captured British Tank WW1 2 Martyn Redway H-P Harrow 3 David Redway German Co. HQ U Andrew Finch Matilda II CS tank Steve Earl Panther Ausf G Class 6 - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Alternate History 1 Martyn Redway TSR 2 2 Colin Stone Vampire 3 David Redway Gnoll Warchief U Steve Earl Jason without the Argonauts Andrew Finch Necron Overlord


(”U” denotes unplaced, “B” denotes a Bye.)
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