Painting Competition - Monthly Results 03/2017

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society
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Group A: Entries on multiple bases ("Wargames Units") Class 1 - The Colourful Era 1 Rod Somerville French Infantry 1700 2 David Redway Sarmatian Cavalry Martyn Redway Belgian 5th Light Dragoons 1815 3 Andrew Finch Russian Squadron, Port Arthur 1904 U Steve Earl English Bowmen Martin Goad Late Roman Infantry Class 2 - The Drab Era 1 Andrew Finch 18/25pdr Battery 2 Tim Freeman Churchill tanks Martyn Redway Finnish Infantry 3 Martin Goad German Assault Guns U Steve Earl Hitler Youth Anti-tank squad Class 3 - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Alternate History 1 Martin Goad Night Goblins 2 Martyn Redway Frostgrave Tunnel Fighters 3 Steve Earl Aleister Crowley U Andrew Finch Judge Dredd ‘Juves’ David Redway Lovecraftian Demons
Group B: Entries on a single base Class 4 - The Colourful Era 1 Rod Somerville Elector of Bavaria 2 Martyn Redway Islamic Command 3 Andrew Finch Russian Pre-dreadnought Pantelimon U Steve Earl French Man-at-arms Martin Goad Successor Standard David Redway Crusader Command Class 5 - The Drab Era 1 Tim Freeman MCG Somua with 88mm Pak 43 2 Andrew Finch 17/25pdr Pheasant 3 Martin Goad Churchill Command Tank U Martyn Redway Finnish Sniper Class 6 - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Alternate History 1 Martyn Redway Barbarian Shaman 2 Steve Earl Nosferatu 3 Andrew Finch Riot Judge U David Redway Plague Doctor Martin Goad Snotling Pump Wagon


(”U” denotes unplaced, “B” denotes a Bye.)
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