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Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society
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Meeting Times

The Club Meetings are usually on the first and third Sundays in the month, though these dates are sometimes moved if they clash with local events or public holidays. The meetings on the 1st Sunday start at 10.00, while those of 3rd Sunday start at 1300. We have use of the Main Hall and (smaller) Committee Room until 19.00. Meetings usually finish at around 1800. Club Committee Meetings, usually held every 3 months in March, June, September and December, often take place in the smaller meeting room. This may mean that use of this room is disrupted for about half an hour.

Game Table availability

There is normally no space problem with a regular sized game, however, if you are planning to run a game which needs to use more than one 8’x4’ tabletop, or two metal tables, you should please let the Secretary know in advance, just in case there are several BIG games planned by members at the same meeting.

Dates for your diary for 2018

Nominally all the meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.
Facilities Facilities Where we meet Where we meet
Most recent update 7th September 2018
7 & 21 January4 & 18 February25 February CAVALIER4 & 18 March 8 AGM & 22 April6 & 20 May3 &17 June1 July Club 50th Birthday Lunch 15 July5 & 19 August2 & 16 September7 & 21 October4 & 18 November2 & 18 December 50 Glorious Years At the Meeting on the 2nd September there will be a large 20mm early WW2 game in the back room