Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society

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Our Meetings

Where do we meet?

The Society meets twice per month at the Village Hall in Speldhurst. We have use of the facilities on the ground floor, namely the Main Hall, a smaller Meeting Room and the Kitchen. The postcode for Satnav users is


They have a website which can be accessed from the Speldhurst Village Hall Website

How to get there

We have prepared two items which show you how to get to the venue. Both can be found on our Library Pages. There is a set of maps which show the general area around Speldhurst so you can plan your route, and a set of written directions including photos of the immediate area within the village.

In addition, if you click on the following link, this will open Google Maps, centred on the location.

Meeting Times

Our Meetings are held on the first and third Sundays of each the month, though these dates are sometimes moved if they clash with local events or public holidays.

  • 1st Sunday meetings start at 10.00
  • 3rd Sunday meetings start at 13.00

Meetings usually finish between 17.00 and 1800, a bit later in the summer. We have access to the hall until 19.00, though we must allow enough time to clear up.

Dates of Meetings in 2021

Meetings are suspended at the moment. Meeting dates for 2021 will be posted here following a confirmed resumption of meetings.

Resumption of meetings

Updated on 2nd April 2021

The Committee has set a PROVISIONAL date for when we will resume meetings, and this is on the 4th July 2021, followed by the 1st August 2021, after which the twice monthly cycle of meetings should resume. This is of course dependent upon Government requirements, which as we know can change.

When we do resume operations there may be a number of restrictions, which are in line with the requirements of Speldhurst Village Hall. These might change but those we are certain about are:

  • Attendance will be limited to existing members, and we will not be permitting visitors under any circumstances.
  • There is likely to be a limited number of tables available, and the number of players at each table will also be limited.
  • A table booking system is likely to be in place so that we can control numbers and also be able to identify who was at a meeting. This will be acccessible via the Members' Pages of our website. (Have you signed up yet ?)
  • There may be a one-way system in and out of the Hall.
  • Parking may also be an issue as car-sharing is probably not sensible.
  • If you did not manage to book space to attend a meeting becase of numbers, priority will be given for your booking at a future meeting.
  • The wearing of face coverings is likely to be required.
  • You are recommended to bring your own mugs, plates and cutlery. Coffee, tea, milk and biscuits will still be provided by the Society.

Further information will be posted here as soon as the plans are sorted out, and members will also be kept informed by email. This will include "domestic" details about how we must use the hall facilities and club equipment.


Our meetings are held in a non-smoking environment. Refreshments are provided free of charge in the form of tea, coffee and biscuits. There is a microwave if you wish to heat up food for lunch. The following equipment and resources are available:

  • We own large MDF table tops measuring 8 feet by 4 feet, which we support by using 8 of the hall’s plastic chairs. If you are planning to put on a big game we would prefer it if these were used, bearing in mind that there is finite number of smaller tables.
  • The hall has a supply of metal trestle tables measuring 6’ by 2’6”.
  • There are also some smaller side and card tables available.
  • The Society owns a supply of green and sea coloured cloths, as well as hills, buildings and other terrain pieces. These are checked over every year and replaced, if necessary.
  • Dice and tapes are also available, though we recommend that you bring your own supply of these.

Space availability

There is normally no problem with space if the majority of games are being played on tables up to the size of our own large MDF boards. However, if you are planning to run a game which needs to use more than one 8’x4’ tabletop, or two metal tables, it is advisable to mention this in advance of the meeting, just in case there are several BIG games planned by members at the same meeting. The ideal way of arranging this would be by using the Members' Pages of the website.