Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society

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To Contact TWWS

General Contact

To contact the Society with enquiries of a general nature, or if you wish to contact the Committee with Questions, Comments, Suggestions or Complaints about the day to day running of the Society, please do so through the Secretary by sending an email using the address shown below...


Cavalier Open Day

There is plenty of information about our Open Day in the Cavalier area of our website, which answers most basic questions. If you wish to participate at Cavalier, either as a Trader with a Trade Stand, or a Club or Society wishing to put on a game, then you should contact the Open Day organiser using the following email address.


Bring and Buy Forms for Cavalier can be ordered before the show using the email address shown below. It is recommended that you have a look at the Bring and Buy section of the Cavalier page on this website before contacting us for forms.


These email addresses are actively monitored from the January before Cavalier, when forms are ready to be issued, until 31st March after the show, in case there are any problems that need to be resolved.

Social Media

The Society has a presence on Facebook, which is restricted to members only. This is used often to set up games for the next meeting.

As mentioned above, this is a private Facebook group. In order to gain access you must have a Facebook account yourself and also need to contact the Society secretary letting him know that you want access.