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Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society
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How we are run

The Society is run by a Committee of 7 members elected annually. The election is carried out at the AGM, nominations being required at least a month in advance. Any paid up member may stand for election, using the Nomination Form (PDF download from this link). Any changes to the committee take place after the AGM. As a general rule, if a committee member or officer is happy to carry on, and the only current committee members are nominated, then the election is a formality. Following the election of the committee, they meet and allocate who will undertake the duties of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. If necessary the committee will take a vote to determine who has the role concerned.

TWWS Committee

The current committee, which was re-appointed at the AGM in April 2018, is as follows: Chairman: Chris Blackman Secretary: Tony Wyatt Treasurer: Colin Stone Committee Members: Alan Butler, Martin Goad, Mark Jury, Mark Gibbons
Most recent update 5th August 2019
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