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Cavalier 2024 Traders and Games

This page shows Traders and Games who have signed up for Cavalier in 2024. The list will be filled out as traders and clubs are booked.


We have included web addresses where they are available; we do not take any responsibility for any links that do not work.

Trader Web address
1-72nd Models
BattleZone Miniatures
Brigade Models
Cuirassier Books
David Lanchester Books
Debris of War
Full Metal Miniatures
Grubby Tanks
Ironclad Miniatures
Iron Gate Scenery
KR Figure Cases (with The Pit Gaming Shop)
Last Man Last Bullet
Parkfield Miniatures
Paul Harrison
Products for Wargamers
Sheppey Models
The Pit Gaming Shop
Tiny Wargames
Warlord Games

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This year has seen an increase in the number of clubs wishing to attend.

We have 5 Participation Games covering a variety of genres.

Demonstration Games are just as important. Well presented games and thoughtful scenarios, with the chance to discuss the game in more detail, are a key attraction to many. We have 12 covering a broad range of conflicts, both historical and Fantasy/Sci-Fi based.

The table below shows the final list of games. The list shows the Society presenting the game, the theme, and split between demonstration and participation games.

Demonstration Games
Club or Society Game Description
Retired Wargamers Reloaded Hold until relieved German counter-attack against the Ox and Bucks at Pegasus Bridge, 6th June 1944; 15mm WW2
Gravesend Gamers Guild A Song of Ice and Fire 28mm Fantasy
Society of Ancients Battle of Ilipa 208BC Punic War action in Spain; 28mm; Rules: Impetus
Friday Night Firefight Club Fall of the Reich Battle round the Reichstag in the last days of WW2; 28mm; Rules: Bolt Action
Milton Hundred Wargame Club "Eine Bruecke zu Weit" An armoured bridge assault including a paradrop; 1/100th Modern
Deal Wargames Society Death on the Savannah (Survival of the Thickest) Can the Wildebeest cross the Savannah, hunted by lions and crossing a crocodile-infested river?; 1/32nd using vintage Britains figures
South East Essex Military Society (SEEMS) Nach Paris! Franco-Prussian War; 28mm
Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society Blood in the Lotus Garden Honour Satisfied! Samurai Skirmish; 28mm
South London Warlords We Do Not Kneel - Battle of the North Wall An epic battle between the Night Watch and Free Folk; 28mm; Rules: A Song of ice and Fire
Real Time Wargames; (Some Participation possible) The Glittering River Riverine Actions in the Russian Civil War 1917 - 1921 on river, land and air; 1/600th
Cengtral London Wargames Club Tally Ho Vera Napoleonic; 15mm
Konfederacy of Eastbourne Gamers Battle of Villamuriel Napoleonic Peninsular Campaign; 10mm
Participation Games
Club or Society Game Description
Tonbridge Wargames Club LRDG - The First Rogue Heroes LRDG Raids in the Western Desert 1942; DAK Mini-campaign; 28mm
Cheshunt Wargames Hoth Star Wars; 6mm
Maidstone Wargames Society The Summer of '77 The Battle of Britain; WW2; 1/300th
Rainham Wargames Club Hammerin' Iron Riverboat Action in the American Civil War
Kent and Sussex Dungeons and Dragons and RPG Club Landlord, There's a goblin in my pint! The surviving members of the Moria branch of CAMRA go adventuring after too much ale; 28mm; Rules; D&D 5th Edition

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