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Cavalier Cavalier
The following Clubs have signed up for Cavalier 2019: Gravesend Gamers Guild: Skirmish at Staplethorpe 1644 (28mm) Maidstone Wargames Society: Corsair v Mustang 1969 (10mm) *** WINNER OF BEST PARTICIPATION GAME 2019 *** Tonbridge Wargaming Club: Boxer rebellion 1900 (28mm) SEEMS: Terminator - The fight back (28mm) Milton Hundred Wargames Club: For God and King 1380 (28mm) Fire When Ready: Star Wars: Legion Deal Wargames Society: Operation Brassard 1944 (20mm) *** WINNER OF BEST DEMONSTRATION GAME 2019 *** Friday Night Firefight Club: Race to the Farm 1879 (28mm) Crawley Wargames Club: Tanks! 1944 (28mm) Hailsham Wargames Club: Italian Wars (28mm) Society of Ancients: The Battle of Zama (28mm) Wadhurst Roleplayers Club: Dungeons and Dragons Demo Clubs wishing to contact TWWS about space to put on a game next year at Cavalier should email:
Most recent update 3rd September 2019
50 Glorious Years
The meeting on 20th October is cancelled as this clashes with the SELWG show.