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Cavalier Cavalier
The following Clubs have signed up for Cavalier 2018: Anti-Alchemists Come and get it! 1835 (28mm) Crawley Wargames Club The Siege of Girona 1796 Winner of Best Demonstration Game Deal Wargames Society The Dragon’s Rampage at Yangmingbao 1937 (20mm) Friday Night Firefight Club Ring the Bell! (28mm) Gravesend Gamers Guild Panzer Vor Hailsham Wargames Club Outbreak Z (28mm) Little Wars Revisited Forum 19th C Portable Wargame (54mm)
Maidstone Wargames Society Twisting the Dragon’s Tail WW1 (28mm) Winner of Best Participation Game North London Wargame Group Crug Mawr 1136 (15mm) S.E.E.M.S. Big Tanks (28mm) Society of Ancients Raphia 217BC (28mm) Southend Wargames Club Air War over Malta (6mm) Tonbridge Wargames Club Battle of Segesvar 1849 (10mm) Clubs wishing to contact TWWS about space to put on a game next year at Cavalier should email:
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