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Things you need to know

Like many other clubs, we have suffered from pilferage from the B&B, which is why this feature is vanishing from many shows. TWWS has considered various methods of reducing the risks to both parties which are incorporated in our Bring and Buy Conditions which you can download below. The minimum price is £1.00 You may only use our current forms (see below) There are a number of items listed that we will no longer accept. (These could however be DONATED to the Combat Stress Stand.) Please also understand that we are unable to accept any liability for loss.

Bring and Buy Forms

It is recommended that you obtain Bring and Buy Forms in advance of the show. These forms are free of charge. If you arrive at the show without having prepared your forms in advance, then you will be charged £1.00 per form. Each form has space for 10 items. You can order these by sending an email to the address shown below, and you will be sent one or more pre-numbered interactive PDF forms which you can fill out using your PC at home, and print off for the day. The Bring and Buy Conditions and details of how to fill in the form can be downloaded here. Bring and Buy Conditions (valid from Cavalier 2019 - 19/12/2018) (PDF) (This form has been revised) How to fill in the B&B Form (13/12/2017) (PDF) (This form is unchanged from last year)

Email Address

This email address is active until 31st March of the current Cavalier year. Forms will be issued from January 2019 onwards.
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